Creating a professional invoice & bill in Soft Bridge Accounts. Control the invoicing with dates and rates


Create quotations with pic & send to customers. Quoutations can conver into sales


Create Sales Contract with customers & manage invoice and ledger contract wise

Receive Money

Accept the cash, cheque etc. from customer full invoice amount, partial amount or pervious amount at the time of invoicing

GST Ready

GST (sales tax) calculations & verious rates of GST for diffrent clients, our GST Modules provide u instant GST solutions

Sales Return

Accepts customer sales return with invoice No. & Update stock inventory & receivables ledger

Sale Reports

Sale Reports are Available in Software Demo


Purchase Order (PO)

Approved Purchased Demand convert into Purchased Order, call quotations or set the rates with suppliers, set payments & supply terms, generate a purchase order and send to your supplier to buy goods or services


After checking quality & quantity inward gatepass verified quantity conver into GRIN and rejected quantity convert into outward gatepss. Posted GRIN update the inventory and accounts of suppliers

Outward Gatepass

Returnable items and rejected quantity records in Outward Gatepass. Returnable items remamber the system with date and rejected items updatae the purchase order and demand

Benefits of Procurement

Major benefits of Procurement are 1.Increase Certainty and Quality 2.Cost Control 3.Reduce Risk

Purchase Demand

Purchase Demand from different departments, Demand Approved by asigning authority

Inward Gatepass

Record goods receiving sent by your supplier and send for quality & quantity check for inventory


Purchase Invoice

Generate purchase invoice/bill and update stock & supplier ledger, taxes, and discounts on the invoice.

Purchase Reports

Purchase Reports Available in Software Demo

Purchase Return

Generate purchases returned to the supplier & update your inventory and payables according your purchase invoice.


Sales Tax

Sales Tax Invoices, Sales Tax Register, Purchase Tax Register, GST (sales tax) calculations & verious rates of GST for diffrent clients, our GST Modules provide u instant GST solutions

Sales Tax Reports

Sales Tax Reports Available in Software Demo

FBR Integration

Full Integration with FBR-POS available. You can intigarte realtime & also select invoice at the closing of the day

Smart Production


A smart production recipe that integrates automated inventory management and accounting processes offers numerous benefits. It enhances efficiency, accuracy, and scalability while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Smart Search


Smart Search provides customer & supplier search on A/C Code and product search on porduct code. You can mark as Deactive of Chart of Account Codes & Item Codes. Deactive Codes will not appear in Search List. After this Your Search List can so faster. There is no other effect of this feature

Party Contracts

Set purchase & Sale rates

When crafting party contracts for various products, employing a cash-on-delivery (COD) model alongside predetermined purchase and sale rates, it's imperative to delineate the terms comprehensively. These contracts should encompass product specifics, pricing, payment conditions, and other pertinent clauses.

Salesman Comission

Salesman Commission

Salesman Commission module allows users to assign commissions to salespeople for their sales transactions. These commissions are seamlessly integrated into the monthly salary system, ensuring accurate compensation. This feature incentivizes sales performance and simplifies payroll processing.

Summerized Ledger

Ledger Types

Detail Ledger (Accounts Statement), Daily Summarized Ledger, Monthly Summarized Ledger, Mulit Ledgers, Outlet/Company wise Summarized Ledger (for Chain Management only) & Quantitative Ledger

Combine Bills

Combine Bill

When it comes to managing multiple bills from a single party, streamlining the payment process through a consolidated invoice can significantly enhance efficiency. This consolidated bill aggregates individual bills, whether they are dated on the same day or spread across different dates.

Cheque Printing

Cheque Printing

Cheque printing functionality in financial software allows users to generate physical cheques directly from the system for posted vouchers related to bank payments. Users enter transaction details, customize the cheque format if needed, and print cheques using their printer.

Multiware House

Multiware House

To automatically update inventory and accounts when Multiware House's garage is closed, create a production recipe that deducts raw materials used, adds finished goods to inventory, and generates accounting entries for material costs and production expenses.

Search by name in Leasing Module

Search Client

In the Leasing Module, users can search for client records by various criteria such as name, phone number, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), and more. This functionality enables efficient retrieval of client information for leasing purposes.

Bill wise Payments

Bill wise Payments

The "Bill wise Payments" feature allows users to manage payments and receipts on a bill-by-bill basis. Users can enter payments and receipts specifying the corresponding bills, providing detailed transaction history

Application Status

Operation Lock

The "Operation Lock" feature enables administrators to lock the entire system instantly, logging out all users automatically. This functionality provides security and control by allowing administrators to quickly enforce system-wide lockdown when necessary.

Stock Taking Modules

Stock Taking

In the "Stock Taking" module, users can input actual stock quantities and compare them with the recorded stock levels in the software. This allows for reconciliation between physical inventory and system records.

Note on Bill

Meassage on Bill

Users can generate a custom message to be displayed on the footer of customer bills. This message could include information such as promotional offers, business contact details, gratitude for their patronage, or any other relevant communication tailored to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Code Transfer with Data

Code Transfer

Accounts Code can transfer to an other accounts head including accounts and inventory data.This feature facilitates seamless reorganization or restructuring of accounts within the system, ensuring that all relevant data is transferred accurately to maintain consistency and integrity in financial records.


Regional Timezone

Set time zone according to your country for set date & time.This ensures that all timestamps and scheduling functions align with the user's regional time zone, providing consistency and convenience in managing time-sensitive tasks and events.

Bill in local Language

Bill in Local Language

Set your bill in any language including heading, customer name, product name etc.This functionality ensures that bills are tailored to the preferred language of the customer or the local market, enhancing communication and accessibility for diverse user bases.

Autoset Time range

Data Entry Range

Users can control data entry by specifying manual dates, automatically setting the current date, or setting the current date with a margin for additional days. This functionality enables flexible management of data entry timelines, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in recording transactions or events within the system.

Advance User Control

User Rights

Confidentiality and privacy is the main issue of any business and organisation. Soft Bridge provided full control of the application to Admin, add, delete, edit, view and other controls. Admin assign the users access according their role in the company.


Global Users

Global Users have unrestricted access to the Soft Bridge software from any location around the world. They can utilize the software at any time and on any device with internet access. This accessibility allows them to work seamlessly across various platforms and locations, promoting flexibility and productivity.

Local Users

Local User can access Soft Bridge software only computer, laptop or mobile devices which admin register specific devices for that user.

User History

Users History

Generate a input history of a user date and time wise The extended user history provides a comprehensive overview of user's interactions with SoftBridge's software, highlighting the various features and tools she utilizes to enhance productivity and collaboration in her work.

Product Picture Module


This module allows users to attach pictures to products in their inventory. These pictures are then used on bills, ledgers, and stock records for visual identification. This feature improves clarity and efficiency in inventory management by providing visual confirmation of products across various documents and records.



Dashboard provides key business information in the form of color full graphical charts. Easly understand cash & bank balances, receivables & payables, purchase & sale and income & expenditure