Soft Bridge App Modules

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Easily manage your Business Accounts from any where any time. Purchase & Sales, Cash & Banks, Stock Inventory, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Advance User Rights and Security.

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Inventory Control System (ICS)

Professional Level Stock Inventory Control System. General Ledger, Purchasing, Issuing, Production Receipt, Conversion/ Sale Contract, Selling, Product Stock

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Chain Management System (CMS)

Multi Branches / Group of Companies Integrated & Consolidated Solution. Selected Branch / Branch wise Detail / Branch wise Summary / Consolidated / Branch Accounting App

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Petrol Pump Management System (PMS)

A Complete Oil/Gas Station Web Solution. General Ledger, Purchasing, Meter Reading / Unit wise Selling, Vehicle wise Credit Sale, Gain / Short, O il Station App.

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Leasing Management System (LMS)

Single / Multiple Leasing Management Solution. Leasing Agreement, Installment Recovery, Salesman/Recovery / Lease Website / Progressive Leasing Application.

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School Management System (SMS)

E-Schooling Management Solution. School Fee, Accounting, Stock Inventory, Attendance, Auto, School App Maker, Notification, School App Development Company

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Fabric Management System (FMS)

Fabric Management stock software program helps distributors and on-line retailers broaden stock management handle order fulfillment.

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Weaving Management System (WMS)

Global Accounting Consolidated Billing Solution General Ledger, Purchasing, Softbridge Online, Selling, Product Stock, Item Ledger, Purchase / Sale Reports, Gross Profit, Bridge app, Net Profit.

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Conversion Contract Management System (CCMS)

Implementing contract administration software program is turning into a necessary facet of each group's digital transformation.

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Sales Tax Management System (GST)

As per Sales Tax Requirements. General Ledger, Purchasing, Selling, Product Stock, Item Ledger, Purchase / Sale Reports, Sales Tax Invoice, Sales Tax App Developments, Purchas e.

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Distribution Management System (DMS)

A Complete Distribution Management System. Bill Discount, Product wise Discount, Extra Discount, Scheme Discount. General Ledger, App Distributio n ios, Purchasing.

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Embroidery Management System (EMS)

A complete embroidery management software, which includes a number of necessary embroidery functions, such as storing embroidery machine info.

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Oil Traders Management System (OMS)

Complete Oil Traders POS Solution. General Ledger, Purchasing, Selling, Vehicle wise Gain / Short , Recovery, Vehicle wise, Oil Traders App Development Stock.

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Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Complete Restaurant Management System

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Time Attendance & Payroll System (HRMS)

A complete Human resources software, which includes a number of necessary HR functions,such as storing employee data,managing payrolls,recruitment

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Assets Managment System (AMS)

Asset management software tracks and manages an organization's physical assets, streamlining processes like registration, maintenance scheduling, and reporting.

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ERP Solution

Customized Account Inventory Business Solution. Customization as per Company Requirements and More About Business and give Idea and Suggestion re lated Bussiness.

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Who Are We?

About Soft Bridge

Soft-Bridge, a leading software house established in 1994 serving instant and customized Software Development and Android & iOS Application Development for business solutions. Soft-Bridge is the name of trust and satisfaction for 1000+ clients . This is place where you can find Desktop, Web Online Applications for your business and Android, IOS Applications for Mobiles and Tablets under one roof. We’ve worked with hundreds of startups, small-medium enterprises and top brands, empowering them with our expertise. We deliver Best Desktop and Web Applications according to your needs. Experts working under Softbridge, leading software of Pakistan have more than 26 Years of experience in market working on latest tools and technologies use to serve the clients and make their work much easier.

Industries We Serve

Retail Store's

Softbridge Accountings Software can completely automate your any kind of Retail Business structure.

Garments & Fashion

Splendid Accounts Software can completely automate your any kind of Garments & Fashion structure.

Shoe Stores

Softbridge's Accountings Software can completely automate your any kind of Shoe Stores structure.

Electronics & Appliances

Softbridge Accounts Software completely automate your Electronics & Appliances structure.

Book Stores

Softbridge's Accountings Software can completely automate your any kind of Book Stores structure.

Restaurants Bakery

Softbridge's Accountings Software can completely automate your any kind of Retail Business structure.

Distribution and WholeSale

Softbridge Accounts Software completely automate your any kind of Wholesale & Distribution structure.


Softbridge Accounts Online Software can completely automate your any kind of Computer structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An accountant is an individual who keeps track of business transactions and financial records to help determine how well a company is performing at a financial level. To learn more, view our accounting glossary.

Accounting software for accountants is a cloud based solution designed to help accountants and accounting firms manage their clients books and keep track of important financial and business information to help in determining the financial performance of a business. QuickBooks Online Accountant helps accountants by providing access to real-time information anytime and anywhere.

Yes, QuickBooks Online Accountant used industry recognised security safeguards to keep financial data stored securely in the cloud including password protected logins, encryption technology and automatic backup.

Accounting software for accountants helps accounting professionals manage their practice workflow, save time and improve efficiency by automating time consuming accounting tasks and gives them access to their clients’ books anytime, anywhere.